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There's a rat sitting in the still life, in the middle of the kitchen, the horror could be a pack. Oh no, the cute little animal looks cute, resting on organic fruits, the rodent obviously feels well. Who has left the pest in, this health risk, that facilitate themselves where they stand and go, soon we wade through excrements, that rat must go away, I'm about to hollow out the rifle. It won't come to that. You, the fruit rats, which are rare, threatened with extinction, wheterh all the madness of cleanliness, and poisons everywhere, and with us it's beautiful, no wonder she wants to live here. You don't want to leave either. But I'm not a pest and parasite either, and I don't bring plaque and cholera, and I'm human  and that's a dirty rat. Well, man is.... let it be, it has no sense. The rat remains. No and again no, the rat does not belong in the house. All right, let it in the garden, where it could scamper around and play. You must be out of your mind. Away from the property and what do you mean play? You probably mean giving birth to little rats. Away with these and stuff all holes and build a rats safe wall, yes. But I'm a good person and love animals, even rats, they have to be somewhere. Yeah, in the sewer where they belong. The fruit rat or roof rat doesn't live in the sewer, you have no idea, bonehead. Yes exactly, we should also feed them all so that they can indulge in their games in the attic until they are so many that we have to move out. Miserable exaggerator, scare monger......................

Dear interested people
The One Million Dollar Band has created with their work "Fruitrat 1" something that is contemporary, almost up-to-date and will remain so. This work is a humanistic narrative that reveals itself to the listener in a kind of revue. The leading actress, in the shape of a fruit rat, longs for a paradise behind walls, where the sweetest sweetness of existence holds everything together in a sticky way.  A heaven on earth. In the traces of the rodent the listener imagines herself/himself towards the wall and beyond. Discover other protagonists, their hardships, their worries, their reason. Discover other levels in history. How to sugar the new plaque, the loneliness of responsibility etc.
Let your ears hear and your mind wander. Embark on this journey and experience 58 tracks full of humanity. A musical experience, from blues to cajun, jazz to electro. Recorded by a microphone and two amplifiers with 16 different instruments like bandoneon, diatonic accordion, melodeon, chromatic harmonica, harmonium, mandolin, tenor guitar, electro guitar, flute, electro bass, bass synthesizer, synthesizer, drums, electro drums, garbage can and vocals.

Many thanks and best regards
Your, One Million Dollar Band