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Finally feel like a rodent, cheated by the world, always craving the same gnawed apple repackaged. Every meal becomes a death-trap and, yes, a confession. Violins, electronics and beats, all very modern, but just a trap. Please let us catch you. Finally admit that you love this band very much. Stream as if there's no tomorrow. Listen to vitamin-rich healthy, and do not hesitate, in retrospect, to deny everything. But you will do the right thing, you will stand up for your convictions, you will fight for the good cause. The kingdom of heaven will be yours, and the Hellmouth farther away than the manifold sins of the 21st century. You are right, we are wrong. If there were bacon in the trap, or cheese, the game would be different, morality would be different colors, but everyone would nibble the apple. How could those who were driven out of the most beautiful garden, let loose on this earth, now hate with all their heart, and forget that in the end laughter must prevail.

Meta level, honey! Meta level!

++++Please enjoy +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++👏