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Dear media creators
The anthem and the ruckus. Great songs about poultry belong since the beginning of the time to cultural property. As a parable of the eternally equal, the power and the change, again and again, the king is dead, long live the king. In times when our mighty people once again show off their courtship dances on all channels like roosters and drakes, indulge in their erroneous masculinity and crow in our name, we are chickens. "Come on kids, we wanna raise a ruckus tonight," an old slave song and the children's song "Our cock is dead" conjures up the One Million Dollar Band along with their poultry, from life too.
Voodoo, sorrow and worries in the morning, but it's fun at night. As in the case of the great Dr. John clatters the chains, thumps the drums and grooves the guitars. Hope dies last, be brave and free, because even a blind chicken finds a worm.

                                                                     Was on Air: SRF 2 Selection!