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Dear Ladies, Gentlemen, and Others

Listen, play, dance, write and talk about your latest discovery. The Lightnin' Hop is a pure dance number. Guitar, 3 amplifiers, wah-wah, vocals and drums. Dedicated to the great stylist Sam "Lightnin" Hopkins and the green age of the Atomic Age, as well as the ever-degenerate immortal youth.
The One Million Dollar Band plays in real and nothing else. Cranky backcountry, stuck in the dirt, hiding in the hills, kicking out and celebrating as if there's no tomorrow. In this sense, so care, not sustainable and from Switzerland.
Thank you.

One Million Dollar Band

Available as vinyl single, mastered and cut in Portland, Oregon, by Adam Gonsalves, Telegraph Audio Mastering. Pressed in Hamburg by the ant. As well as digital everywhere on the net.